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Slot Machine Vocabulary

So you think you know everything there is to know about slot machines. You've played a couple of slot machine rounds, maybe even won a few times. You probably think that slot machine is just a simple game that is won and lost in an equally simple manner, well think again. The slot machine game is not as simple and as easy as it is seems. I give you some basic slot machine vocabulary that is definitely a must have for all professional and novice slot machine players. These terms have evolved alongside the evolution of the slot machine from its early beginnings in 1895 to the modern day time.

The RNG or Random Number Generator is a device placed inside the microprocessor of every modern day slot machine. The RNG is placed by the slot machine manufacturers inside the slot machine itself to ensure the randomness of the symbol combinations. The RNG works even if the slot machine is not in use. The RNG arbitrarily chooses hundreds of symbols and numbers every second. Each number corresponds to a combination of symbols that is selected after the first coin is wagered.

Reels are the wheels found on the slot machine that usually has imprinted designs on it. Modern day slot machines have three to five reels depending on the model of the slot machine.

A slot schedule is the posted information regarding the slot machine. It is usually placed in front of the slot machine. The slot schedule contains the slot machine's denominations, type of slot and possible winnings for each coin that will be wagered.

A slots drop means the sum of money found inside the slot machine whereas the slots hold is the sum that is not paid out as winnings for the slot machine winners. Both the slots drop and the slots hold determine the percentage of the slot machine's payout.

Slot testing is defined as the action by which a slot machine player plays the slot machine with only one roll of coins to determine the percentage of payout of that particular slot machine.

Signature slots are the slot machines owned and produced especially for a particular casino. These slot machines are generally looser than other slot machines as they are meant to increase the public relations of that particular casino.

When a slot machine player wins a big jackpot after a petite money outlay then it is called a short win. This is said to be quite common in playing slot machines.

There are still many slot machine terms out there. I hope this helps in deepening your knowledge of the often misunderstood game of slot machine.

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