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What About Slot Machine Denominations?

There should be a game plan before you enter the casino. You should have an idea which games you are going to play and know what limits you want to play at. You should know how much money you are going to spend gambling. Most important, your gambling money should be enough to last your visit.

Before playing video slot machines you should know which denomination of machine you are going to play. You should find the right denomination of machine for you when first entering the casino. The slot machines are either in carousels or in banks all over the gaming floor of the casino.

In the casino, there are slot machines that are grouped in a circular manner, these are called carousels. Usually there are more than three in the group. Sometimes larger carousels have an attendant in the middle to help with change. Usually the machines in carousels have the same denomination. You can will hardly see a dollar machine in a quarter carrousel.

The long rows of machines are called banks. Banks dominate the casino floors. To put more machines in a smaller space the rows are back to back from one another. Usually a row of machines has one denomination then the other rows have a different denomination.

Sometimes you will see some players dropping a coin in the machine only to have the coin drop right through. They will do this again before they will realize that they are in the wrong denomination of machine. It is always good to take a look at the pay table, the denomination is usually listed there. This will just take a second or two but there is a faster way to identify what is the denomination of machine.

If you look on top of the slot machine you will see a tube with lights. This is called a "Candle". When you push the change button the light of the candle goes on. If you look at the candle there is a bottom light. These lights on the bottom have different colors. They can tell you the denomination of the machine.

By just looking at the colors on the candle you can easily tell the denomination of the machine. Quarter machines have yellow light on the bottom of the candle. Dollars have blue color, half dollars have gold, and nickels have red. Knowing these colors will save you a lot of time than having to look at the pay table which will take you a longer. Now that you know these colors you can easily identify the denominations of the machines on the casino floor.

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