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Slot Machines: Guidelines Not Strategies

The most basic fact about slot machines that majority of players still don't know is that slot machines don't have any definite winning strategies. No one has the capability of predicting what symbol combination will come next on the reels. If there is someone who is telling you that he has a sure win strategy for slot machines, that person is most likely hallucinating. Don't be fooled with the so-called winning strategies for slot machines because there are really none.

Even if there are no winning strategies for slot machines, fortunately, there are some excellent guidelines that can help you make the most out of your bankroll for slot machines.

The first guideline is to know what kind of slot machine would you specifically like to play. Some people view slot machines to be the same in everything but they are wrong because slot machines differ from each other. There are several variations of slot machines that follow their own set of playing rules. As a player, you need to sort out the kind of slot machine you are playing and understand the rules that corresponds to that specific machine before placing in your bet.

The second guideline is to identify your limits prior to playing the machines. There are two important limits that you need to identify. One is the losing limit and the other is the spin limit. Losing limit is the specific amount of money that you are comfortable to lose at slot machines. It is very important that you stick to your specified loss limit and never waver.

The spin limit is the specific number of consecutive spins that are not are paying out before you look around for another available slot machine. The ideal number of spin limit should be at least four spins. Losing your money in every spin means that the slot machine does not have a good rate therefore you don't need to stick to that one. After a number of losing spins, move away from that slot machine and find the one that gives out a better paying rate.

The third guideline is to never leave the slot machine that wasn't able to pay your payout in full. This is an obvious mistake that many players commit. There are times that slot machines may run out of coins during payout. Don't leave because other players might get your payout and don't insert another coin into the slot machine to play because the evidence that you have an unpaid payout will be gone. Rather, call the attention of the slot attendants and they know exactly what to do about your situation. When you have received your full payout, that is the time that you can leave or continue to play.

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