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Three General Groups of Slot Players

Every slot player has their own tolerance for risk in playing slot machines. This tolerance for risk can categorize slot players into three general groups - aggressive player, average player, and conservative player. These groupings are general in nature and there may be slot players that will fall in between each group.

Aggressive players are slot players who are not afraid to lose everything in their bankroll for a chance to get the huge jackpot. They are slot players who definitely likes the action and won't mind if they have to put it all on the line in exchange for the chance of getting the prize, even if it means that they will have to go home broke.

Average players are slot players who will go to a casino with all the hopes that they will go home with more money than they came in the casino. They are slot players who won't mind risking their bankroll but don't like to go home broke. A medium sized jackpot can make them happy already, which can pay their playing time with enough money left in their pocket. Slot players like these are both looking for entertainment and the chance to win some money.

Conservative players are slot players who love to go to casinos but don't want to spend a lot of money for their entertainment. They are already happy playing slot machine games and they felt they have already won if they get break even. The reason is the enjoyment they received while playing slots. They are slot players who want to get as much playing time as they can for their bankroll.

If you already have an idea of which group of slot player you belong, you can now determine what type and denomination of slot machine you want to play from now on.

Aggressive players are suited for the progressive slot machines. Even if the chance of hitting the big jackpot is very small, these slot players are not afraid to bet their money on these machines, including the higher denomination machines that have thousands of dollars worth of jackpot.

Average players are more comfortable with quarter slot machines. Slot players of this group may look for slot machines with high hit frequency and a larger jackpot.

Conservative players will get the enjoyment they are looking for in nickel slot machines that has high hit frequency. Slot players of this group prefer to play a single coin on each payline to stretch their playing time. They may not win large money but playing longer on a small investment is enough for them.

Every slot player has their own style of playing slots. Choose the right slot machine for you where you will feel comfortable while playing. It is the slot player's personal choice after all.

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